The Family Farm Club is an opportunity for your family to take ownership of a small piece of Bhumi Farms.  While teaching farm camp I realized that by letting children take some ownership of the process, they are much more engaged and willing to learn.  Family Farm club will put the power of choice in your family's hands.  You get to decide on what to plant, how many of each variety, and when to harvest (mother nature has a majority of say here).  Farming is a full time job, so I will be there to help, taking care of your plot between your visits, since I don't expect you to come visit every day (but of course you can if you would like to). As part of Family Farm Club, in addition to your mini family farm, you will have the opportunity to participate in an on-field farm class each week and be given a $50 Bhumi Farm Stand credit each week .  

Space is very limited so please sign-up early if interested.