Summer in the Hamptons may be over, but our fields will still be turning out great produce.  We will harvest vegetables on Tuesday and deliver them to your door on Wednesday.  Certified Organic vegetables less than 24 hours old delivered to your door!  The NYC Autumn CSA captures the end of summer crops, like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, and then picks up the cooler season crops, such as broccolini and winter squash.

Just like our Summer CSA, as a member of the Bhumi Farms Family, you will receive a weekly allocation of whatever Farmer Frank is harvesting that week.  This year, like last, members will be given the opportunity to select what they receive.  Items each week will be chosen by you, the member! (A Famer Frank default box will be delivered if you don't make selections for the week).  Some produce never makes it to the Farmer's Markets and is strictly reserved for members. 

Your Bhumi Farms crate will usually contain 10 items.   Also, during the course of the season I'll arrange to get eggs, cheese, oil, pies, flowers,  bread, etc from my local artisan farmers & friends. 


Pricing and information can be found here: NYC Autumn Delivery CSA