Organic Versus Conventional

What is the point of food?  We at Bhumi Farms believe that the answer is nourishment. “Food is medicine”…  so our philosophy is to grow the most nourishing produce possible.  We are completely behind the local and organic food movement.  We think that all else being equal, those two differentiators will serve you well versus conventional factory farmed vegetables.  However, we also believe that not all organic produce is created equal. 

A farm can be organic and still have nutrient light produce.  Why? Because no laws are in place dictating how a farmer should amend the soil. There are no protocols that mandate macronutrient, micronutrients or mineral applications. This is a lifestyle choice, and it differs from farmer to farmer and from farm to farm.

It’s quite intuitive, though, don’t you think? If the soil isn’t fed minerals and nutrients, then how can the vegetables provide any nourishment as we ingest them? Soil is a living breathing thing, and the healthier the soil, the healthier crops the soil will support.

Adding naturally forming organic soil amendments doesn’t come without a cost, though. It would be much easier for a farmer to just add the standard N, P, K protocol and call it a day. Nutrient dense farmers, like Bhumi Farms, feed the soil much more than that. We include 15 other nutrients and minerals into our regimen, at an increased cost to us, but with an increased benefit to you, which is our goal.

Studies have shown that some vegetables, over the past 30 years, have lost close to half of their nutritional value. Most of this can be traced directly back to poor farming practices that focus on killing weeds and pests rather than feeding the soil. The theory is the more nourishing the soil, the stronger the plant, and the better equipped the plant will be to fend off pests and pathogens without the use of sprays, organic or otherwise. This process must be taken at a measured pace, but we are on year four of our overall plan to get there. Each step taken, however, provides additional nutrition in each bite of Bhumi Farms vegetables.

Aside from farming organically and not using any manmade herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers, we also augment our soil with naturally occurring macro and micronutrients, and minerals. Not only will these vegetables be healthier for you, they will also taste a lot better. It’s a win win.