Autumn Farm Share Letter 1

When discussing organic farming to non-farmers, I often bring up the rhythm of farming.  Within each day there is a circular flow of energy.  In the morning its uplifting.  At the end of the day, as the sun is setting, the energy is more inward.  As a farmer, you tap into these rhythms.  If you spent a few hours at my farm, undoubtedly you would share a similar feeling with me, the vegetables and land that surrounded us. 

 Seasons, like days, also have a rhythm to them.  The weather, the amount of daylight, the angle of the sun, all contribute to this.  Everything in nature is attuned to this flow and abides by it, except us humans.  We don’t really respect or understand nature in its entirety.  I’m guilty of this also.  We keep lights on all day, we don’t change our behaviors much from one season to the next, and I believe we throw our rhythms off.  Who doesn’t feel a greater urge to nap in colder weather?  An urge we normally respond to with an extra cup of coffee.  What we do to ourselves is akin to trying to waltz to a hip hop song…the beats and rhythms are unnaturally and forcefully paired.

The Bhumi Farms Autumn share is an excellent opportunity for us to align our bodies with the changing seasons. September is still offering us the sweetness of summer vegetables, while also hinting of the green goodness on the way.  Watermelon and tomatoes are being delivered alongside dark greens like Raab, eventually giving way completely to the hardier vegetables. 

Our bodies are made to eat seasonally and locally.  Of course, I’m not suggesting you completely deny yourself avocado and lemons, I enjoy those things also.  However, please be mindful of how you feel when you eat things being grown organically, in season, and near your community.  My contention is that you will feel better, more nourished, and more in synch to the natural rhythm’s of earth.  Your mood, most likely, will also balance.

It is a real honor and gift to be offering these vegetables to you.  I am a farmer by way of Finance. I completed my MBA in Finance from Stern, and  I once was a card carrying CFA Charter Member.  My beliefs don’t come from living on an ashram as a child of hippies.  My thoughts are being formed and tested every day as I farm.  I believe that trying to understand a little more each day about our place on earth will only benefit us.  I also believe that eating Bhumi farms vegetables in a mindful way is a great step down a path toward better health and balance.