Letter to Members #3


Hello Bhumi Farm CSA Members,


The pitter-patter of rain on the roof!  Music to my ears. 

 The times I was lucky enough to speak to you, without fail, the question of what is planted has been asked of me.  So this evening I thought I’d give you a little look behind the curtain. 

 A few things to point, however. 

I have used the broadest identifier possible, so as to not give too much away.  For instance, I have planted 4 varieties of radish, but only use “radish” each time.

This is just one field, Ganesha.  No need to fret, the bulk of the Solanaceae family, aka nightshades are on an adjacent field.  The Solanaceae family consists of two broad components; capsicum and Solanum.  Solanum is made up of potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant.  Capsicum is mainly peppers.  We have over 300 tomato plants, close to the same number of eggplant and with peppers we focused mainly on Shisito peppers to the tune of 400 plants.

Each bed is about 160 feet long and has two to three rows per bed depending on how much room each specific crop needs.

Its midnight and my eyes are closed and crossed, so please excuse any glaring (and less obvious) mistakes.  I’m pooped.

Without further ado, the field map (well, more like a list than a map):


With gratitude,

Farmer Frank and Bhumi Farm