Letter to Members #1

Hello Bhumi Farm CSA Members.

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to get you up to date on the farm.

All the offseason planning is starting to show up on the field and in the greenhouse.  Each morning I’m greeted with new seeds that germinated overnight and a new weed or two in the field that is trying to crash the party.  Without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, weeding is done entirely manually, and mostly on my hands and knees, so I must admit to not always being the most gracious host when they arrive. 

The weather has played a little trick on us as well.  Taking a page from the European playbook, the rain department decided to go on strike in April and so far in May also. Everything is moving in the proper direction, but at a much slower pace.  Imagine driving your bicycle with flat tires, well that is what is happening on the field.  To remedy the situation, I’m in the process of installing drip irrigation. Drip is much more precise than any other type of irrigation, and therefore reduces wasted water, inline with Bhumi’s sustainable mandate.  I know that one cannot control Mother Nature, thus I shouldn’t stress about that which one cannot control, but why not find a middle ground and become less beholden to her.  If ever there is a chance for  Mother Nature to get the last laugh, however,  she will start the monsoon rainy season just as soon as I’ve invested my last dollar in getting water to the fields.

To close this letter out I want to let you know that I intend to work tirelessly to bring you the best product possible.  There will be weeks when you will be overjoyed with what is in you Bhumi crate, and sometimes you may be moderately disappointed, but in its entirety I want you to feel that joining Bhumi Farm was a smart decision and something that you would do again without hesitation.  Short of controlling the weather, I promise you that I will do what I can to make sure that happens.

With gratitude,

Farmer Frank and Bhumi Farm

Ps-  This week in your box I expect to have some baby kale, maybe some baby chard and mustards also.  I’ll include some sweat pea tendrils, some spinach and micro greens.  Finally, there will be some edible flowers that work just as well as decoration.  I’d encourage all of you to come to the field and visit some time this summer.  Especially the July to labor day.  It’s a carnival of colors and smells.