Bhumi Farms Seva— a donor-based, non-profit farm— aims to deliver the highest quality organic produce to communities with the greatest need and least access. The farm successfully completed its inaugural year of donating food to the New York Common Pantry (NYCP) in 2017, it’s first year as a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt farm. Together, our vision evolved and with it, an exciting and meaningful model emerged. In 2018, we will continue to work in this way, reimagining farming as a public service and food as a right. Our goal is to deliver the entirety of our produce to NYCP and other food pantries, at a giving ratio of 100%: $1 worth of produce for every $1 donated.  NYCP focuses on assisting the underserved with dignity.  Bhumi wants to do our part by providing local organic produce to NYCP clients in a cost effective manner.

 This year Bhumi will:

  • Relocate: The farm will be re-situated on a beautiful 6-acre plot on the back roads of Bridgehampton made available to us by one of our generous farm supporters and will enable us to focus on growing for food pantries, rather than retail.

  • Develop Strategic Partnerships: The farm will cultivate partnerships with corporate donors or company-match programs as a funding stream

  • Farm Stand for Donors: Twice a week, one weekday and one weekend day, we will roll out our farm wagon and fill it with just harvest produce for farm donors.

  • Honor 100% Giving Ratio: Bhumi’s budget for the entire farming season, from March to November, is $150,000, resulting in $150,000 of produce being delivered!


How Can You Support?

The word “Seva” means “to be selfless in service.” Bhumi Farms Seva invites you to be part of this nurturing endeavor. It seeks your generosity, participation and support though tax-deductible donations. Throughout the season, we welcome you to come to the field with your friends and family, harvest produce, lend a hand or just pass by. In doing so, you will take part in the essential act of growing food, for yourselves and for those who cannot otherwise afford local organic produce.


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