This winter when I mentally replayed the last four farm seasons, I grew proud and thankful for all the supportive, organic-produce-loving families for whom we have grown.  But, I also had to acknowledge that there is an entire other community; large numbered, that cannot afford the type of nutrient dense produce we grow at Bhumi Farms.  With this in mind, I decided to transition our farm into a tax-exempt, not-for-profit business, and to donate virtually all our organic produce.

I got in contact with NY Common Pantry and POTS Bronx, two great NYC charities, to create structure around the vision.  Both operations offer food-focused services and other longer-term assistances, to thousands of New York families, and do so in an efficient way without sacrificing dignity or the human element of helping another.  Both seemed like a perfect fit, so we decided we would deliver our produce to these two organizations weekly.

As a 100% donation based, not-for-profit farm, we need donors.  Your donation will be used to fund our projected operating budget of $200,000.  This will pay for seeds, soil amendments, fuel, rent, insurance, repairs, wages, and all things farming. The majority of costs are early season, so we need to raise $50,000 per month, for four months, starting with April.  Not much time.

We don’t want to change at the exclusion of our Bhumi Farms family, so we would like to offer gifts to those who donate above certain levels.  These will include a private farm dinner on a night of your choosing, two invites to a Bhumi Farms donor appreciation party, a farm share out East or a NYC farm share this Autumn.  So that as much Bhumi produce as possible gets donated, these gifts are of extremely limited quantities.

This plan came together because we believe, as I think you do, that families struggling to get by should be fed the same high quality produce that we grow for your families.  Although it doesn’t come naturally for me to ask for help, I believe strongly enough in this mission that I am putting my own ego aside.  Without you and the rest of the Bhumi community, this project can’t move forward, and on its merits, it is worth moving forward.  In return for your generosity and faith in us, we promise to be singularly focused on helping as many people get access to the best organic produce we can grow.  I believe we have an opportunity to create something meaningful, and we’d love to share the experience with you.


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